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Offshore corrosion prevention: Ancorro VE Subsea
4/14/2023 8:40:59 AM

The offshore environment is a specific, extremely complex and corrosive environment, with a corrosion rate four times that of the onshore atmospheric environment. High temperature, strong ultraviolet, high salt content, dissolved oxygen, pH value, flow rate, offshore organisms and others are important factors of corrosion.

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According to the long term corrosion test results of the samples exposed to the offshore, the corrosion of in splash zone is the most serious, followed by the total immersion area, the middle surface seawater area and the sea mud area.

Due to the simultaneous action of sea water, wind waves and ultraviolet rays, the corrosion rate is the highest in the splash zone, usually the paint film ages and peels faster in this area than in other areas, and the cathodic protection does not work. In addition, due to the movement and evaporation of sea water, the sea salt particles accumulate in a certain range of the splash zone, with a high concentration of chloride ions, and the strong depassivation and penetration of chloride ions are easy to lead to premature failure of the coating.

In response to the above problems, Ancorro independently developed a new corrosion prevention material suitable for the offshore environment - Ancorro VE Subsea.

ANCORRO VE Subsea is a stretchable non-woven fabric backed, non-crystalline polyolefin-based polymer for corrosion prevention on condensing or submerged ferrous and non-ferrous surfaces.

ANCORRO VE Subsea maintains low viscosity and does not cure, remaining stress free throughout its lifespan.

ANCORRO VE Subsea is the primary layer of ANCORRO's two-layer corrosion prevention system, applied on wet surfaces. 

Features & Benefits:

* Complies to ISO 21809-3

* Non-toxic to the environment and safe to handle

* Self tightening effect due to stretchable fibre backing

* Water trapped between the surface and ACORRO VE Subsea (during application) is absorbed into the VE Subsea

We will present the Ancorro VE Subsea in the "9th Marine Materials and Corrosion Protection Conference and the 3rd Reinforced Concrete Durability and Facility Service Safety Conference and New Materials and Protection New Technology Exhibition" held on April 22-24, 2023, and warmly welcome to yours visit.