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Ancorro VE Certified By DNV & Charter
5/22/2023 8:40:51 AM

Ancorro VE, a patented product from Ancorro Co., Ltd. has been successfully certified by DNV and Charter which is a recognition for our quality and reliability, as well as our continued efforts to innovate and strive for excellence.


ANCORRO VE is a non-crystalline corrosion prevention and sealing polymer which can be directly applied to clean and dry ferrous and non-ferrous surfaces.

ANCORRO VE remains flexible and stress free, offers low permeability to water and gases/vapours, and is fully compatible with cathodic protection systems.

ANCORRO VE maintains low viscosity and does not cure, offering long term corrosion prevention.

Applications include underground pipes and pipe fittings, field joints, tees, elbows, valves and flanges.

Features & Benefits:


* Complies to ISO 21809-3

* Minimum St 2 surface preparation (by hand tool)

* Application can be automated

* Resistant to salts, acids & alkalis

* Excellent adhesion to steel , PE, FBE, PP, concrete and glass

* No primer is required

* Self-heals pinholes and small dents

* Non-toxic to the environment, safe to handle

At Ancorro, our pledge revolves around both safeguarding our customers' valuable assets while generating substantial for their operations by constant innovation.


Ancorro is dedicating to offer reliable & full array products applied for underground, aboveground & offshore including corrosion prevention, leak stop, repair & reinforce and mechanical protection. Our commitment extend to to safeguard oil & gas field, oil & gas transportation system, urban gas network, petrochemical industry, chemical industry, offshore infrastructure, ports & wharf, electrical power industry, municipal infrastructure and other industry.